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New Energy Technologies New Energy Technologies
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This Best Energy Technologies For Arkansas
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Image:NewEnergyCongress 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD

New Energy Congress -- Top 100 Technologies


Shortcut URL:

A prioritized listing by the New Energy Congress of the very best energy technologies according to ten criteria, including: renewable, environmentally safe, affordable, credible, reliable, developed, safe, etc.


Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide")

Top 100

Since April, 2006, the New Energy Congress has been systematically voting on the following
energy technologies, reviewing a new technology every 2-4 days, and weighing it against the
they established. The reports (
of their assessments are published monthly, and are reflected in the sequence shown below.

Top 10

(Needs to be no less than 1 year to commercialization to be listed here)

  1. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    Perendev 300 kW Self-Running Electromagnetic Generator - Draws energy from
    magnetic principles not presently appreciated by mainstream science. Expected cost will
    be around 3/10 cents per kW-h. Launch scheduled for May, 2006. (
    (NEC Specialist: Sterling D. Allan)
  2. Directory:Cold Fusion >
    D2Fusion, Inc. - Company expects to bring cold fusion technology to market as early as
    Summer, 2007; first in the form of some kind of home heater technology, then with electrical
    generators for homes. (
  3. Directory:Electrolysis >
    Kenarev's Electrolysis - Professor Kanarev holds five patents, has written several books
    about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes
    described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell. (
  4. Directory:Solar >
    Stirling Energy Systems utility solar - 20-year purchase agreement between
    Southern California Edison and Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. will result in 20,000+
    dish array covering 4,500 acres capable of generating 500 MW, at a cost competitive
    to grid power. (
  5. Nelson Scientific's Electron Capture - Developing commercial method for
    capturing electrons for electricity. Device catches free electrons in a vacuum,
    where they are redirected to conductors, yielding electricity. (
  6. Directory:Magnet Motors >
    Walter Torbay's Magnetic Transgenerator - Inventor from Argentina presents
    a free energy device via the repelling power of magnets, the deviation of the lines of
    magnetic force, and a complex mechanical system for controlling the acceleration, speed
    and power.
  7. Directory:Concentrated Solar Power >
    SolarCube™ by Green and Gold Energy - Award-winning solar technology uses
    Fresnel lenses to focus sun's energy onto photovoltaic cells. 5.8 cents per kWh.
    Residential product release slated for March 2006.
    ( (NEC Specialist: Greg Watson [inventor])
  8. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    Magnetic Power Inc - Mark Goldes' company claims to be close enough to
    have some demo devices, which extract energy from the vacuum of space, ready
    for market by end of 2006. 1 kW module expected shortly thereafter.
  9. Directory:Thermal Electric >
    Rauen Environmental Heat Engine - The Superclassical heat engine of
    Ken Rauen is designed to be able to tap the heat of the environment for energy
    generation. It is based upon the experimental evidence of the Proell effect, a
    macroscopic Maxwell’s Demon. (NEC Specialist: Ken Rauen [Inventor])
  10. Directory:Electrolysis >
    Joe Cell - Apparently harnesses Orgone energy via electrically charged water as the
    "gate" or medium through which the aetheral energy is drawn. Allegedly able to power
    a vehicle, with no fuel line connected. Numerous installations claimed.

Additional Top 100

(Needs to be at least less than 2 years from commercialization to be listed here)

[Note: This numbering should continue with "11" not "1"]

  1. Directory:Solar >
    International Automated Systems - Utility scale solar presently in process of being
    commercially installed for first time; alleged to produce electricity at 3-5 cents per
    kilowatt-hour. Highly-efficient bladeless turbine has wide range of waste-heat-harnessing
    applications. Methanol production technique will draw CO2 out of the environment,
    reversing global warming. (
  2. Directory:Hydrogen from Water >
    Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) - Has developed a process that will
    convert landfill and other waste methane into clean hydrogen, using the power of the Sun
    for the reformation, at a price comparable to traditional hydrogen production methods.
    ( (NEC Specialist: Tai Robinson)
  3. Directory:Engines >
    Gun Engine - Canadian inventor, Kazimierz Holubowicz, has come up with an
    environmentally friendly and transmission-free engine based on the same mechanics
    as how a bullet is shot from a gun. Initial test results showed 92% efficiency.
  4. Directory:Engines >
    Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine - Internal combustion engine features multiple firings
    in one cycle to give 40 times higher power to weight ratio, low parts count,
    low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution.
    Directory:Engines >
    Engineair’s Ultra-Efficient Rotary Compressed-Air Motor 
    - Elegant minimalist design eliminates most
    of the working parts traditionally associated with internal combustion engine;
    offers close to 100% energy efficiency for a variety of transport and stationary
    applications. (
  5. Directory:Engines >
    Scuderi Split-Cycle Air Hybrid Engine - Claims potential to double fuel
    efficiency for same size engine, while reducing the manufacturing price by
    50%. Because it very similar to existing ICE technology, existing manufacturing
    infrastructure can be used for rapid deployment. Presently licensing to
    qualified manufacturing interests. (
  6. Directory:Waste to Energy >
    MagneGas Plasma Arc Flow Reactors - MagneGas Technology has been
    developed to process liquid wastes into a clean burning fuel known as magnegas,
    plus heat and other usable byproducts, said processing occurring without noise, liquid,
    gaseous or other pollutions. New discoveries of science involved.
    ( (NEC Specialist: Tai Robinson)
  7. Directory:Wind >
    TMA Vertical Axis wind turbine 
    Design creates pull on the back side contributing to 40%+ wind conversion efficiencies,
    doesn't kill birds, runs more quietly, doesn't need to be installed as high,
    blends better with landscape. Generating costs estimated at 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.
    Production prototype Spring 2006. (
  8. Directory:Solar >
    SA thin film solar eclipses others - South African solar panels consist of a thin layer
    approximately five microns thick (a human hair is 20 microns thick) of a unique metal
    alloy that converts light into energy at a fraction of the cost. The photo-responsive alloy
    can operate on virtually all flexible surfaces. Expected in market in 2007.
  9. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    Flynn Research -- Magnet Power Motor/Generators - Technology deals
    with flux fields within a core increasing motor output by 3.5x, and much more.
    Possible solid state generator applications according to patent.
    All motors henceforth should employ this technology. (
    (NEC Specialist: Terry Sisson)
  10. Directory:Engines >
    StarRotor continuous-cycle engine -
    Highly efficient process could eventually replace present internal combustion design.
    Five U.S. Patents. Several prototypes. (
  11. Directory:Nuclear >
    Joseph Papp's Nobel Gas Engines - A nuclear process may be involved whereby
    inert nobel gasses can be used to generate tremendous energy.
    (NEC Specialist: Kenneth M. Rauen)
  12. Directory:Fuel Efficiency >
    330 MPG Aptera Hybrid 
    The Aptera prototype, which is halfway to completion, will go for up to 330 miles
    on a gallon of gas thanks to an aerodynamic design and the lightweight composites
    that make up the chassis. (
  13. Directory:Wind >
    Magenn Power's Floating Wind Generators 
    Inflatable, rotating balloon, wind turbine design scheduled for market readiness in 2006;
    at a price close to grid power. (
  14. Directory:Wind >
    Offshore Wind ( -
    Winds are stronger and more stable; economy of scale. (GE)
  15. Directory:Solar >
    SkyBuilt aims to be the Dell of renewable energy systems -
    Uses rugged shipping containers as foundation for made-to-order designs
    for quick deployment in off-grid applications. (
  16. Directory:Wind >
    Floating Wind Turbines 
    Captures off-shore winds, while sparing expense of footing.
    Norwegian utility expects production prototype in 2007.
    ( (Stansbury Resources 
  17. Directory:Wind >
    Wind Farms ( -
    economy of scale. Produces in range of grid prices. (GE)
  18. Directory:Electrolysis >
    Electrolyzed Hydrogen-Oxygen to Air Intake > 
    H and O (Brown's gas) from on-board electrolysis injected into air intake.
    System presently available for sale. Other techniques also employed to increase fuel economy.
    ( (NEC Specialist: Fran Giroux [principal])
  19. Directory:Vortex Technologies >
    Mimicing nature's design for fans - PAX Scientific designs fans, impellers,
    propellers, mixers based on the geometries of a whirlpool.
    The result is an approximate 33% improvement in efficiency, reduced noise,
    size and cost. (
  20. Directory:Engines >
    Green Steam Engine - Advantages of invention by Robert Green (US 6647813) include:
    the ability to run on very low steam pressure and volume, inexpensive to build, few moving
    parts with low lubrication requirement, lightweight. Site includes instructions on how to build it. (
  21. Directory:Fuel Efficiency >
    Aeroscraft — Rebirth of The Blimp
    Californian-based Aeros has a developed a modern blimp with a quiet,
    electric prop-motor combination, requiring only half of the fuel of a jet with
    similar carrying capacity. Passenger and freight models planned.
    Runway infrastructure not required. (
  22. Directory:Electrolysis >
    Electrolysis direct to pressure -
    techniques the produce high pressure H2 directly from electrolysis,
    for savings in efficiency of production infrastructure. (
    ( (NEC Specialist: Tai Robinson)
  23. Directory:Ocean Wave Energy >
    "Bobbing" Device for Harnessing Wave Energy ( -
    The Manchester (UK) Bobber, a patented new wave energy device,
    passed Phase One in January 2005, testing of 1/100th scale working model.
    Phase Two will now involve testing a 1/10th scale device.
  24. Geothermal ( -
    Needs to be large to be economical in range of grid cost.
  25. Directory:Thermal Electric >
    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion -
    Sea Solar Power Inc. is one of several companies seeking to tap sea temp.
    gradient. Reverse refrigeration process generates electricity from the
    difference in temperature between surface and deep water.
    Grid-price competitive commercial version expected in 2-3 years, depending on funding. (
  26. Directory:Engines >
    Revetec cam-drive engine - The Revetec cam-drive engine uses a pair of
    counter-rotating scissor cams instead of a crankshaft.
    The result is three times more torque than a conventional engine,
    and an overall engine efficiency up to 50% more. (
  27. Directory:Tidal Power >
    Water Wall Turbine - Massive paddle wheel turns close to the speed of the water,
    not endangering the fish, while efficiently converting tidal flow into electricity.
    Installation cost in the range of 1000 USD/KW for a 40 MW unit,
    with 1 year to production.
    Energy production in range of 3 cents / kW-h. Moving parts are ~4 m above water.


Deep in R&D but Promising, in top 100

Once fully developed and ready for commercialization, these are likely to emerge into the top 10.

  1. Directory:Nuclear >
    Randell Mills "hydrino" device - New field of novel hydrogen chemistry.
    BlackLight Process generates light, power, plasma, and a vast class of new
    compositions of matter. (
  2. Sines Reluctance Generator (Potomac Energy Project) -
    Electrical generator involves superconductivity, magnetic energy,
    and flux gates for harnessing Zero Point Energy. (NEC Specialist: Eddie Sines)
  3. Directory:Nuclear >
    Colliding Plasma Toroid Fusion - Electron Power Systems Ltd.
    is developing a process that remains stable without magnetic confinement,
    by using background gas pressure for confinement instead, could provide clean,
    non-polluting energy technology at one-tenth the cost of present energy generation. (
  4. Directory:Nuclear >
    Focus Fusion -
    Purports to be a far more feasible and profoundly less expensive approach to
    hot fusion, in contrast to ITER. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics' is developing the
    Plasma Focus Device for hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion. 4-7 years to commercial.
    1 cent / kWh anticipated energy generation cost. (
    (NEC Specialists: Thomas Valone)
  5. Directory:Nuclear >
    Dr. Bogdan Maglich's aneutronic MIGMA fusion process 
    - was highly praised by MIT and actually closer to overunity than any other fusion system,
    inexpensive (in economy of scale), and non-radioactive.
  6. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    EV Gray Motor -
    Gray motor was the first market-ready prototype replication of
    Nikola Tesla's radiant energy phenomenon. Never made it to market
    for reasons that his nephew described as "paranoia, secrecy, and greed".
    Numerous attempts to resurrect the technology.
  7. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    Godin & Roschin (Searl-like) 

  8. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    Bearden's MEG -
    Electromagnetic generator without moving parts which includes a
    permanent magnet and a magnetic core. (
    (NEC Specialist: Leslie R. Pastor)
  9. Directory:Electromagnetic >
    Wingate Lambertson solid state system

  10. Directory:Batteries >
    Nanotube Super Capacitor Battery -
    MIT researchers are developing a battery based on capacitors that
    utilize nanotubes for high surface area, enabling near instantaneous charging
    and no degradation. Estimating ~5 years to commercialization.
  11. Directory:Tidal Power >
    Tidal and River Turbine by University of Southampton -
    The University of Southampton's minimalist design significantly reduces
    the number of moving parts, and is fully assembled prior to installation,
    reducing costs. Estimates five years to commercialization.
  12. Directory:Thermal Electric >
    Spinning Power from Waste Energy 

    - Louis Michaud’s Atmosphere Vortex Engine - Tamed-tornado,
    anchored-vortex concept said to offer a vast increase in electrical output
    using waste heat from existing power plants. Small prototypes are promising.
  13. Directory:Engines >
    Jirnov Vortex Engine 
    25 kW prototype shown to have strong torque,
    using half the energy, with half the emissions.
    $1 million grant awarded General Vortex Energy by the Navy to build 125-kW prototype.
    Nine U.S. patents.
  14. Directory:Solar >
    Solar Tower - Solar Towers are like an inverted funnel, with a wide skirt to
    collect air to then turn a turbine in the tower.
    ( (


Speculative Concepts

Not in top 100 due to lack of adequate documentation, but worth mention.

  1. Permanent magnet motor systems
    Several companies and inventors percolating, some not public knowledge,
    with possible release 2006, some possibly for open source. (NEC Specialist:
    Sterling D. Allan
  2. Deriving Power from Atmospheric Pressure
    Differences over Geographically-Spaced Sites
    New method of power generation proposes to harness the difference
    in atmospheric pressure between locations 100 to 200 miles apart,
    with reliability comparable to coal, nuclear, gas, and hydro,
    but at a cost substantially lower, and with no pollution.
    (NEC Specialist: Sterling D. Allan)
  3. Wave Propulsion ( -
    Brief History identifying why the approach has been abandoned by major entities,
    and suggesting how to revive this yet-to-be-fully-actualized approach.
    (NEC Specialist: Sterling D. Allan)



The above list is a working draft document by the New Energy Congress (NEC),
designed to come up with a listing the top 100 clean energy technologies,
continually updated to reflect new developments and innovations.

If you know of a technology that should be listed here, you may submit (
it for review.

The ranking is based on the criteria adopted by NEC.
A more rigorous method for determining ranking of technologies based
on those criteria is yet to be programmed 

This page was first approved 

by NEC on Feb. 28, 2006 as an official NEC working document
(not necessarily the contents and sequence at that time, but the page idea).

Subsequent to that, the Congress has begun to vote one technology at a time,
every few days, and began releasing a monthly report 

beginning May 1, 2006.
The first technologies listed are ranked according to those assessments
by NEC members.


Please seek to use the following format when presenting a technology:

  • Name of technology, with hyperlink to PESWiki index - Brief synopsis of the technology, the team promoting it, and its stage of development, in sentence form. 10-35 words. Hyperlink should preferably be to an index page at PESWiki that includes NEC commentary on the technology. (url of company) (NEC specialist: name)


As a matter of a general guideline, NEC endeavors as a body to spend about 50%
of our collective attention and efforts on conventional renewable energy technologies,
and the remaining 50% on non-conventional, or "fringe" clean energy technologies.
(Approved March 10, 2006 

A Word to the Wise:
You've heard the saying,
"He who is one step ahead is a genius; he who is two steps ahead is a crack pot."
That saying applies to the world of ideas. In the marketplace, it can be rephrased as follows:
"He who is one step ahead is very rich; he who is two steps ahead is very dead --
or at least very persecuted." If you have a "two steps ahead"
technology that is nearly ready for introduction into the market,
you might consider purposely ratcheting it back a notch or two so that is resembles a
"one step ahead" technology. Then, once you have your foot in the door,
and your reputation established firmly, the "two steps ahead" will only be one step ahead.
Probably the only way a two-steps-ahead technology could be introduced would be through
open source, where a simple set of plans for an easy-to-build device are published openly
for the world, impossible to stop by the powers that be.

Related Lists

  • The Top 10 Emerging Environmental Technologies

    - list includes #6 harness waves and tides; #5 ocean thermal
    energy conversion;
    #4 solar; #3 hydrogen power; #2 desalinization; #1 make oil from anything.
    (June, 2006)

See also

- New Energy Congress main page
- PESWiki home page

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Scranton Searcy Sedgwick
Sheridan Sherrill Sherwood
Shirley Sidney Siloam Springs
Sims Smackover Smithville
Snow Lake Solgohachia Sparkman
Springdale Springfield Stamps
Star City State University Stephens
Story Strawberry Strong
Sturkie Stuttgart Subiaco
Success Sulphur Rock Sulphur Springs
Summers Summit Sweet Home
Swifton Taylor Texarkana
Thida Thornton Tichnor
Tillar Tilly Timbo
Tomato Tontitown Traskwood
Trumann Tucker Tuckerman
Tumbling Shoals Tupelo Turner
Turrell Twist Tyronza
Ulm Umpire Uniontown
Urbana Valley Springs Van Buren
Vandervoort Vanndale Vendor
Village Vilonia Viola
Violet Hill Wabash Wabbaseka
Walcott Waldenburg Waldo
Waldron Walnut Ridge Ward
Warm Springs Warren Washington
Watson Weiner Wesley
West Fork West Helena West Memphis
West Point West Ridge Western Grove
Wheatley Whelen Springs White Hall
Wickes Wideman Widener
Wilburn Williford Willisville
Wilmar Wilmot Wilson
Wilton Winchester Winslow
Winthrop Wiseman Witter
Witts Springs Woodson Wooster
Wright Wrightsville Wynne
Yellville Yorktown









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